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What’s life like at Muklar? Welcome to an environment where responsibility is given early in your career and the freedom to be creative is all part of the job.

At Muklar, we work hard to support the aspirations of our people.

Two examples of how we support our employees in making a difference are first to give lots of responsibility early in their career, and second, to provide a strong Corporate Social Responsibility orientation to enhance their involvement in worthwhile organizations.

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At Muklar, our people are the foundation of our business. We’re not only building careers for our people, we’re building their futures.

We value our people and the contributions they make to Muklar. We encourage and promote our core values, strive to develop every employee’s leadership potential, create a culture in which teaching and learning becomes a strategic advantage, offer superior rewards, incentives and recognition for superior performance, and attract, nurture and retain extraordinary talent.

Our people can draw on Muklar’s substantial resources for training, expertise and support, with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Muklar has one of the highest retention rates of key project personnel in the industry.

Why Muklar?

At Muklar, it is team work. With a dedicated work force, every project is managed and supervised by competent and qualified staff.

Our workmen use modern tools and equipment to ensure accuracy and most of all to achieve complete professionalism.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have been entrusted in the past with numerous projects and we have always delivered to the clients satisfaction.